The WWE is well known for giving the fans what they want, but sometimes they cannot always deliver.

Throughout the years there have been a number of fantasy match-ups the fans have wanted but for one reason or another they haven’t happened.

Here’s our 15 dream WWE matches us fans never got to see.

15. Randy Orton v Jake Roberts

orton v roberts

During Randy’s Legend Killer gimmick, it would have been brilliant to see him up against Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts.

Unfortunately due to Jake’s passing they never met, but what a great opportunity it would have been to see two masters of psychology go at it.

14. Dolph Ziggler v Mr. Perfect

ziggler v perfect

Before the ‘Glam Rock’ attire, Dolph Ziggler was a mid-carder who stole the show in his matches.

Going from male cheerleader, to caddy, to world champion,  Ziggler’s ability to have great matches reminds you of Mr. Perfect, both men who oozed perfection.

One was a show off and the other just hit things with perfection, imagine how good this match would of been to watch.