13. Bray Wyatt v Raven


Wyatt and Raven are both unpredictable in the ring, their talk on the mic was brilliant as they both know how to break their opponents down.

Raven broke down The Sandman and Tommy Dreamer back in ECW whereas, Bray has famously been into the head of Cena and the New Day.

Make this a hardcore match and you would be guaranteed that it would all come down to mind over matter.

12. Trish Stratus v  Fabulous Moolah


Moolah was the top female in her era just like Stratus was in hers.

Both have held the Women’s Championship on numerous occasions and both women showed that looks can be deceiving.

These two locking up in their prime would have been amazing as we would be on the edge of our seats and waiting to see who the Ultimate Woman in wrestling really is.