11. Brock Lesnar v Ken Shamrock


‘The World’s Most Dangerous Man’ v ‘The Beast Incarnate.’

Shamrock has held 2 MMA belts and 3 WWE belts and holds a 28-17-2 MMA fight record whereas, Lesnar has held 1 MMA belt and 4 WWE Belts and 1 NJPW /IGF belt and his MMA record currently stands at 5-3.

Lock these two in a steel cage with the only way to win is via pin fall or submission and let them tear each other limb from limb.

10. Goldberg v Stone Cold


When Goldberg signed with the WWE it seemed that maybe we could see Goldberg v Austin but sadly this never happened.

We did see Austin and Goldberg in the same ring, sadly, Austin was a Special Guest referee for Goldberg’s match against Lesnar.