9. The Road Warriors v the Dudley Boyz

LOD vs 3D

The Road Warriors and the Dudleyz are two of the most decorated tag teams, holding gold in any promotion they work for.

The Dudley Device took its name as a way of paying respect to Animal and Hawk whose double team move was called The Doomsday Device.

Could Bubba Ray and D-Von topple the power houses that were the Road Warriors?

8. Chris Benoit v Daniel bryan


Benoit’s never say die attitude made him one of the best wrestling technicians and he always put his body on the line.

Bryan was of similar statue as he always proved the critics wrong.

Sadly we never go to see these two lock up but if we did, it would definitely be a submission match and we would see whose Labell lock was deadlier, the Cross face or The Yes Lock.