Whenever you leave a job, whether it be in an office or in a wrestling ring, it is always a good idea to leave on good terms.

Unfortunately these 15 WWE Superstars failed to do this and severed all possible chances of them making a return.

What were they thinking, especially Sunny!


15. Raven


Raven was a key player in ECW’s revolution, as well as having a good run in the WWE too.

However he went through a battle with drugs and alcohol and although WWE were willing to look passed that and potentially work with him again.

But Raven sued the WWE for their mistreatment of talent and stated he will never work for WWE again.

14. Teddy Hart


At just 18 years old, the WWE signed Teddy Hart to a WWE contract in a move that shocked everyone.

What potential Hart had he threw away with a bad attitude both in and out of the ring, that made him unfavourable across every wrestling promotion.