ESPN – the major sports network trusted by people across the globe, isn’t as perfect as you may think.

Since the U.S based Entertainment and Sports Programming Network launched 36 years ago, it has been surrounded by scandal and had it’s reputation tainted by claims of behind the scenes sexual harassment, racism and much more.

Here are 15 scandals that almost led to the network being shut down for good.

1. Chris Berman in Sexual Harassment Claim


In November 2015, sportscaster Chris Berman was at the centre of a sexual harassment claim against ESPN by a former makeup artist. Sue Baumann was hired by ESPN through an outside company and spent around 7 years working from them. However when she was sacked, she launched a sexual harassment claim against ESPN. The claim consisted of “comments [Chris Berman] allegedly made in the makeup room and text messages going back a few years.”¬†ESPN settled the sexual harassment claim out of court.