3. Mike Tirico’s Stalking & Sexual Harassment Allegations


Mike Tirico is one of ESPN’s longest serving anchors and has covered some of the biggest events in the world. In the early days of his career, it has been reported that Tirico engaged in odd behaviour towards two female employees, which apparently made him ‘very un-liked’ by females at ESPN. However things were soon swept under the rug, ESPN executive implied that Tirico’s mistakes were a result of his youth and he has become a different person.

4. Scott Sassa Sexting Scandal


Scott Sassa was the president of Hearst Entertainment and Syndication group and managed companies interest in ESPN, however he was forced to resign in 2013. Sassa was blackmailed by a stripper after he engaged in steamy and sexual text exchanges with her. Sassa is a single father of two daughters – but the stripper demanded money or she claimed she would expose him. When Sassa did not pay up, she emailed the text exchanged to Hearst Corps top boss, who insisted he resign.