Fantasy football season is finally here again, and those who play are already beginning to study positional rankings and craft their draft strategies.

But, a fantasy football draft is about more than putting together a winning roster. You’ve also got to have a league draft party that sets the tone for the entire season.

If everyone comes together in the beginning, it will make the trash talk, waiver wire pickups and trade situation all the better as the season grinds on. With that in mind, here are 15 incredible ideas for your draft party that will get your league’s season off and running on the right foot!

1. Beer Pong Draft Order Tournament


Don’t have a draft order yet? Why not use a beer pong tournament to determine the order? It evens things out, because the person picking first will be the drunkest.

2. Reality-Style Competition


Beer pong not your style when it comes to determining the draft? Why not try something else, then? You could have a “Biggest Loser” competition, or even host a race or scavenger hunt to determine the order.