NFL training camps and the preseason are about to commence, which can only mean one thing-  it’s time to start planning for your 2016 fantasy football team!

Unless you’ve been glued to the hot stove and waiver wire during the offseason, you may not have realized that a lot has changed in the NFL.

Many of the players you’re thinking about drafting aren’t even on the teams you’ve come to know. Therefore, make sure you’re familiar with this list of 16 NFL players who’ve switched teams for 2016 when you sit down for your draft. It could prove the difference between fantasy glory and fantasy heartbreak.

1. Calvin Johnson (WR)


Okay, okay. He didn’t switch teams. But, in case you haven’t been paying attention to the offseason, Megatron retired. Update your WR rankings accordingly.

2. Marvin Jones (WR)


With Megatron no longer hauling in passes from Matthew Stafford, expect Marvin Jones, who joins the Lions after leaving the Bengals, to get some time with the pigskin.