All sports are full of surprises. In the world of wrestling we often, see shock victories by superstars. Some are cinderella stories, others are wins that we never thought would happen such as, The Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak being ended by Brock Lesnar. Here are a list of 15 unexpected wins in wrestling.

15. Vince McMahon wins Royal Rumble ’99


Not sure if this counts as a upset victory as, only Vince McMahon could put himself over. At the Royal Rumble 1999, He entered the rumble at #2 and lasted till the end.During the match, he offered $10,000 to any superstar who could eliminate Austin. McMahon spent the whole match staying out of harms way. Until, Austin threw him back in the ring. With a little help from The Rock. Vince quickly tossed Austin over the rope to with the 1999 Royal Rumble.

14. Chris Jericho wins WWF & WCW Championships


Jericho is built like a cruiserweight in fact, he is a cruiserweight. WWE are willing to look past that. Despite, Jericho not been the build they typically look for in a champion. Which meant that, Jericho was never meant to be king of the world. However, he got himself to the top, at  Vengeance 2001 he managed to defeat The Rock for the World Championship and then later that same night, he pinned Austin for the WWE title thus, becoming WWE FIRST Undisputed Champion. He did have some help defeating Austin but, hey his name is still in the record books.