13. Maven wins the Hardcore title

maven v taker

Back in the 2002 Royal Rumble, Maven shocked the WWE and even The Undertaker when he delivered a dropkick that, sent a distracted Taker over the top rope. A few weeks later the two met again, this time it was for the Hardcore Championship. The Undertaker beat Maven ring post to ring post, it looked like an easy title defence for The Deadman. But, with assistance from both Al Snow and The Rock. A bloodied Maven walked out with his arm raised a the title around his waist.

12. Gunner Scott pins Booker T

gunner scott

Any of you remember Gunner Scott? He was being built up as the next Chris Benoit. In his debut match against Booker T. In a match Booker looked destined to win, The Boogeyman’s music hit which, distracted Booker enough for, Gunner Scott to get the shocking 1-2-3 over the 5x, 5x, 5x, 5x, 5x WCW Champion. Then 12 days later he would team with Benoit to defeat Booker T and Finaly, again pinning Booker for the win.