11. blue Meanie shocks JBL


At ECW One Night Stand in 2005. The end of the PPV brawl between the ECW Originals and the WWE Invaders, JBL beat the crap out of The Blue Meanie. Two weeks after One Night Stand, The Blue Guy got a shot at redemption. In an interview  Meanie did, he said that prior to their match they had buried the hatchet. With a little help from The BWO and Batista, The Blue Meanie got the unlikely victory over JBL. Stevie Richards gave JBL a concussion so guess an head for a head right?

10. Carlito wins US title on debut

carlito v cena

2004 cemented John Cena as being the NEXT face of the WWE. He would be the man to carry the company. While US champion which, he won at WrestleMania XX defeating The Big Show. On Smackdown in Cena’s home town of West Newbury he defended his title against, Smackdown’s newest superstar who was debuting that night, Carlito. With a bit of help from his body guard Jesus (Hey-Zeus) managed to capture the US title, now, now that’s cool.