9. Shelton stuns The Game


A week prior Shelton had been drafted to RAW in the 2004 WWE Draft. In his debut match on Monday Nights he would go toe to toe with ‘The Cerebral Assassin’ Triple H. Triple H was the top guy on RAW and the fans were use to seeing him win so, facing a guy like Benjamin it should be easy right? Benjamin proved he wasn’t going down without a fight. After, ‘The Game’ got distracted by Flair and Benoit at ringside, Benjamin hit a splash in the corner and rolled him up, in one of the biggest upsets in Triple H’s career.

8. Rico out smarts Flair


Rico is not the most memorable of wrestlers from the Ruthless Aggression period. He managed 3 minute warning and was a stylist. Some how, he found himself booked into a match with ‘The Dirtiest Player In The Game’ Ric Flair. With a title the dirtiest player in the game, surely you can’t out smart Flair. But, Rico did exactly that, surprising the veteran with a kick which saw Rico have his armed raised in victory. This marked Rico’s biggest win in his career.