The NFL season is just about to get underway, and the talking heads are busy predicting the outcomes of the season ahead. Obviously, a team’s success or failure depends a great deal on the play of its quarterback. That’s why it’s always useful to take a look at quarterback power rankings. Who’s on the rise? Who’s in the twilight of his career? The answers might surprise you, so let’s take a look at our top 16 NFL quarterbacks for the 2016 season.

16. Derek Carr

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At the start of last season, only Oakland Raiders fans would have been familiar with the name Derek Carr. After rallying his team together and finding some success, there’s plenty of optimism that Carr will shine in his sophomore year.

15. Tony Romo

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In what can only be described as a wasted season for the Dallas Cowboys, the loss of Tony Romo to injury was the nail in the coffin. Rebounding and looking healthy, look for Tony to reconnect with his main man Dez Bryant.