In the modern Olympic Games, the United States of America has continued to be one of the most dominant countries in the entire world.

In fact, the United States has won more than a 900 more total medals in the modern Olympics than the second-best country, Russia. Unsurprisingly, this Olympic glory was achieved on the backs of the United States’ Olympians.

Here are the 15 best!

1. Mary Lou Retton

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When one thinks of the United States and Olympic gymnastics, the name Mary Lou Retton always comes to mind. That’s because she finally broke through in 1984, when she became the first female from the United States to win the gymnastics all-around competition.

2. Michael Johnson

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One of the fastest track and field competitors ever to medal in the Olympics, Michael Johnson’s track-and-field pedigree is first rate. Appearing in three different Olympic games, Michael captured multiple gold medals in the 400-meter relay, and also set a record when he became the first and only person to win the 200-meter and the 400-meter in the same Olympics.