We are over the half way mark of 2016 and, have reached the summer period. Which means, we have NXT Takeover: Brooklyn II, Summerslam and Backlash to look forward to. Here is 15 of the top matches we have seen so far in 2016.

15.  Tag titles: Y2AJ v New Day (C) – RAW


Jericho and AJ would of made a solid tag team had, Jericho ignored his ego.  They displayed moments of gelling really well together and looked to be the team that could take the titles off the New Day. But, egos got in the way and miscommunication lead to the teams down fall. As they were easily one of the best challenges New Day had faced.

14.WWE WHC #1 Contenders match: Styles v Cesaro v Jericho v Owens – RAW

cesaro v aj v jerico v owens

WrestleMania 32 was a huge let down in comparison to 31 and XXX. On RAW, they would hold a number one contenders match with the winner going on to face the new WWE WHC Roman Reigns. Originally Zayn was apart of the fatal 4-way but, after being taken out by Owens got replaced by the returning Cesaro. Everyone in the match exchanged their finishers with someone. Cesaro was running wild with the uppercut freight train. Styles won the match following a Style Clash and a pin on Jericho.