13. IC title fatal 4-way: The Miz (C) v Owens v Zayn v Cesaro Р Extreme Rules


The Miz is the guy you love to hate. Even one of his t-shirts said haters love me. 2016 has been a great year for The Miz as, he put his title on the line against three very talented men. Cesaro had an answering for everything, one of the highlights of the match was Zayn hitting the Halluver kick to Owens as the bell rang. The Miz, the opportunist that he is managed to get the win by the skin of his teeth.

12. WWE WHC: Triple H v Ambrose – Roadblock


Ambrose is the modern day Benoit as he would always become finger tips away from claiming the gold but, would lose his grip at the last second. At the Royal Rumble he was so close but, was eliminated by Triple H after, what looked to be Ambrose’s moment. Ambrose then came up short at Fast Lane, at Roadblock, despite putting it all on the line Triple H came way with the win.