11. Syles v Cena – Money In The Bank

cena vs styles

Styles and Cena was billed as a dream match. People had been waiting to see this match for a very long time, a very very long time (15 years to be exact). The two definitely lived up to the hype. Cena and Styles would exchange  finishers down to the wire. Cena would lose this match as, Gallows and Anderson would help crush the dreams of children while, putting the smiles on the faces of everyone else.

10. NXT title: Balor v Joe – NXT Takeover: Dallas


The intensity in this match was there as, Joe had always come close to taking the gold off Balor but, Balor would always pull through. So, at Takeover: Dallas, the two would brawl from the beginning tossing their playbooks out the window. Joe suffered a bloody nose early in the match and the match halted (as it is not PG to bleed in the WWE). When the match did restart they intensity was still there and the pace hadn’t dropped off. Joe locked Balor in the Coquina Clutch but, Balor using the turnbuckle for leverage kicked off, and turned it into a pin and the Balor retained his gold.