The Halswelle Scandal

This scandalous example was probably one of the first in the games’ history – American John Carpenter was disqualified from the 400m men’s race for blocking British runner Wyndham Halswelle. The block was legal under American rules, but not under British ones. Carpenter was disqualified because the Olympics were being held in London. However the two qualifiers were American and were so angered that they protested the riling by boycotting the final; meaning Halswelle ran the final all by himself and spoiler alert…he won.


Decker Vs Budd

This was one of the most famous scandals from the 1984 games. During the women’s 3000m, American Mary Decker collided with South African Runner Zola Budd, causing her to fall and lose the race. The pair both blamed each other and no one ever took the blame.