The Magnificent Seven owned the spotlight at the 1996 Olympics – the gymnast team won the first ever gold medal for USA in the women’s competition.

The seven gymnasts became celebrities in their own right, with many of the girls winning individual medals too.

20 years later and team USA is filled with a new talented bunch of gymnasts ready to follow in The Magnificent Seven’s footsteps.

But do the new members match up to the 1996 athletes?


1. Then: Shannon Miller

Being the unofficial captain of Team USA back in the summer of 1996, Shannon Miller remains to be the most well-known gymnast in US history. As well as helping bring her team to the top spot, she was also the typical girl-next-door that every girl wanted to be and every guy fancied. How does her 2016 counterpart compare?

2. Now: Simone Biles

Simone is definitely the most famous of the 2016 USA women’s gymnast team, even being referred to as the ‘best gymnast in history’ by former Olympian Mary Lou Retton. Simone is predicted to win at least five individual medals this year, showing just how talented she really is.