13. Mandy Rose

mandy rose

Mandy Rose is not off to the best of starts, having been shown to fail to pick up the most basic of wrestling moves and ultimately a weak link on Total Divas Series 5.

She has the potential to win over the fans with her looks, smile and golden locks but with Eva Marie blowing up everywhere on social media and gaining quite a big fan base, it seems unlikely Mandy will take over.

With the fans turning their back on her in terms of support, if Mandy leaves the fans and management alike will feel the force of Hurricane Mandy.

12. Blake & Murphy


You can say what you want about this duo but they actually had really good chemistry as a tag team and once held the tag team gold in NXT.

Now they have split and have been forced to rebuild themselves and make their way up the ranks again.

They could of been a good addition to the tag team roster on Smackdown or RAW, but it doesn’t seem likely they will last long as singles competitors.