There’s something about the Olympics that makes everyone want to get out there and get active.

But, once the closing ceremonies take place, will you be retreating to a more sedentary lifestyle?

If you feel at risk, then we’ve got a simple solution!

You can keep the motivation going every time you open up your Instagram account by following these 18 athletes.

From a world-famous pro skater to a ‘questionable’ pick on our part, it’s all here…

1. Tony Hawk (@tonyhawk)

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While he might be getting older, Tony Hawk remains has young as ever on his Instagram account. It’s fun keeping up with the day-to-day of this extreme boarder.

2. Michael Phelps (@m_phelps00)

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Now the most decorated Olympic athlete of all time, there are 23 golden reasons that you should absolutely give his Instagram account a follow.