The 2016 NFL season finally got underway this previous weekend, after incredible poor field conditions managed to scuttle the yearly Half of Fame game that opens every season.

While it was certainly embarrassing for the NFL to have to cancel that game, other sports and stadiums shouldn’t be so quick to laugh.

Throughout the world there are countless stadiums that are absolutely terrible for both players and fans alike… You know, like the following fifteen:

1. Qualcomm Stadium

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Depending upon whom you ask, you’ll likely hear that Qualcomm Stadium, home to the San Diego Chargers, is the worst stadium in the NFL. It’s no wonder that the team’s trying to either relocate or get San Diego to pony up for new digs…

2. Mercedes Benz Superdome

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To say that this New Orleans stadium has a checkered history would be to put it mildly. After serving as a makeshift home for those displaced by Hurricane Katrina, it was rebuilt and hosted a Super Bowl… You know, the one where the lights went out for seemingly no reason.