It is always a shame to see WWE wrestlers leave the company, sometimes there have been times where the wrestlers themselves feel forced to leave the WWE, for one reason or another.

Here are 17 of those shocking departures.

17. Goldberg


When Goldberg signed with the WWE in 2003, the fans were pumped to see him.

His run in the company only lasted a year though, there were many different reasons Goldberg chose not to renew his contract when it expired.

Apart from backstage politics, he clashed with Triple H on a number of occasions backstage.

16. Christian


Christian has always entertained the fans, whether it was his comedic skits with Edge, or as Captain Charisma.

After breaking away from Edge’s shadow, he had the skills to become a main event star.

Some how Vince never saw it and by 2005, Christian realised he was never going to get over in Vince’s eyes and took the gamble in TNA, which paid off for him.

He returned to the WWE in 2008 and got couple of World Championship reigns under his belt.