13. Ted Dibiasie Jr.


Five months into his run in the WWE Dibiasie Jr looked poised to have a bright future.

After breaking away from Legacy and Randy Orton, he never quite made it and with poor gimmicks eventually he found himself jobbing.

In2013, he came to the conclusion WWE weren’t going to give him their interest again and called it a day. 

12. Randy Savage


Savage headed for WCW in 1994, due to his frustration of being pushed from wrestler to colour commentator.

Once his contract with WWE was up he jumped ship to where his enemy Hulk Hogan was.

His run in WCW, had some good years and still showed there was life still in the Macho Man.

Savage wasn’t inducted into the WWE HOF until 2015 which, lead to speculation amongst fans. Rumour has it, Vince and Savage were close and his departure hurt Vince.