11. Justin Gabriel


Justin Gabriel is another wrestler who looked to have a good run in the company.

After several championship pursuits, he eventually left in 2015.

He stated on Jericho’s podcast, he was Adam Rose’s ‘bunny’ and that the Rose gimmick was meant for him.

He also said the reason he asked for his release was due to sticking around and not being given anything more to do.

10. Rick Rude


Rick’s departure from the WWE is a funny one.

By 1997, he was no longer an active in the ring, but then appeared on two shows on the same night.

He appeared on a pre-taped episode of RAW on November 1997, on that same right he debuted on WCW Monday Night Nitro.

Rude had in fact signed with WCW in 1991, but returned to WWE in 1997 before quitting the company in protest after The Montreal Screw Job happened.