9. Alberto Del Rio


Alberto was one of Mexico’s hottest talents, hence his nickname ‘Mexico’s greatest export’.

He signed with WWE and received a big push at the start of his run in the company.

He was released by the WWE in 2014 after slapping an employee backstage for making a racial slur directed at him, he was let go for ‘Unprofessional Conduct.’

But, returned in 2015 to win the US title.

8. Cody Rhodes


Cody Rhodes was a great performer, he made any gimmick work from Dashing Cody Rhodes to Stardust.

Cody said in a shoot interview after his release from the WWE that, he was told he was going to win MITB on two separate occasions.

As Stardust, Rhodes didn’t enjoy playing the character and after WWE told him, they weren’t going to remove the character, he left, and later lashed out at the WWE bosses for holding him back from becoming bigger in the company.