The sport of baseball is definitely one that’s been known to attract some fairly superstitious and nutty people. That’s kind of unsurprising, given the sports close relationship with statistics and statistic analysis. (There must be a reason behind the noise!) Even so, there are some current and former major league players who have taken (or who take) being superstitious and nutty to an entirely new level…

1. Manny Ramirez

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There are few major league players who are as naturally gifted at hitting as Manny was in his prime. There are also few major league players who are as seemingly aloof as Manny was at his prime (and after).

2. Dock Ellis

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When a baseball player manages to complete a no-hitter, he’s instantly enshrined in baseball glory. Dock Ellis pitched one such no-hitter, he just happened to do so while he was high on LSD…