Being a scripted sport, professional wrestling relies on talking points and controversies to keep fans watching.

However, sometimes the controversy isn’t scripted and actual events have lead to being shown to the whole audience.

The 17 controversial incidents changed the whole script and left us all stunned.


17. WCW/ECW Fight For Awesome


Similar to how Bret Hart got screwed over, Mike Awesome was ECW Champion at the time and was about to jump ship to WCW, but Awesome ended up losing the title on ECW to newly signed WWE wrestler and former ECW original Taz.

The plan was thought up by Heyman and agreed by Vince.

16. Awesome Kong/Bubba The Love Sponge


Awesome Kong was TNA’s version of Chyna, Kong was not your typical female wrestler, she was big and powerful and looked intimidating next to the likes of Gail Jim, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky.

Kong in 2010 would find herself in a confrontation with Bubba The Love Sponge, after he made some nasty remarks in regards to Haiti and it’s hurricane disaster.

Kong had been trying to raise money to help those in need and lashed out.

The aftermath had Kong being released  due to her force in the Knockouts Division it was a horrific managerial decision.