15. Did Pillman shoot Austin?


Brian Pillman and Austin were involved in a segment that nearly ended with the cancelation of RAW by the USA Network.

The angle involved Austin coming to attack Pillman at his house while Pillman was recovering from an injury.

The final moments of the segment involved a gun shot being heard and the camera cutting to black.

The Network warned WWE never to broadcast content like that again, as it seemed all to real and unnerving.

14. Vince McMahon Death Angle


The purpose of this angle was to write Vince off TV, then to give him a memorial show where, Mr. Kennedy would be revealed as the man behind the explosion and thus receiving a push.

However, once the news that Benoit had passed came to light, the WWE had to quickly drop this angle and Vince remarked saying it was about seeing how people would react to his death.

You stay classy Vince.