13. Name Lawsuit Over Razor Ramon & Diesel


Razor Ramon and Diesel were two of WWE’s biggest stars.

When they jumped to WCW just as the Monday Night Wars were taking form and with Bischoff obtaining Scott Hall and Kevin Nash on the WCW gained the upper hand.

The two would cut a promo as Ramon and Diesel which WWE tried to sue WCW for as Razor Ramon and Diesel were names and characters owned by the WWE.

WWE eventually dropped the suit but would have the last laugh as they would buy WCW in 2001.

12. The Original Screwjob


The Original Screwjob resulted in bridges being burned to a crisp.

Wendi Richter who was Women’s champion at the time having recaptured the women’s title at the first ever WrestleMania from Leilani Kai.

The Spider Lady, Richter’s next opponent went off script and pinned Richter despite having kicked out at one.

Upon attacking and unmasking The Spider Lady it was revealed to be The Fabulous Moolah.

Wendi Richter, quit the WWE, got a cab, got a plane out of New York and never spoke to Moolah again.