11. Eddie Guerrero Death Angle


With the tragic passing of Eddie Guerrero, you would think the WWE would keep a little respect for ‘Latino Heat.’

Alas no, they used his death in a storyline angle that had Rey winning the Royal Rumble in 2006 and capturing the World title at Mania 22.

Orton also used Eddie’s death as a way to receive hate from the fans by claiming Eddie was ‘not in heaven but, down there in hell.’

Even Vickie and Chavo used this to turn heel, the WWE destroyed the legacy of one of the greatest performers professional wrestling has ever seen.

10. The Sandman Crucified


When ECW was starting up they had total control of storylines and characters. The upside to free roam control was they could produce content they saw as exciting. The downside, they often crossed the line in comfortability.

When Raven attacked The Sandman during their feud in 1996, The Sandman found himself hung up on a wooden cross and strapped with barbwire.

With the crowd in shocked silence (Raven came out and apologised later), Kurt Angle a newly crowned Olympian was close to signing but seeing this changed his mind and threatened to sue ECW if he was shown on TV.