9. Rob Feinstien incident


When TNA was beginning to take it’s first step as a wrestling promotion they had various connections with other promotions namely Ring Of Honor.

Ring Of Honor found Rob Feinstein came under fire when it was reported he had been unlawfully communicating with a minor who in fact turned out to be an adult male.

Feinstein quit ROH and sold his shares, TNA got wind of the news and severed ties with ROH causing a rift between wrestlers when it came to choosing what company to wrestle for.

8. Chyna


Once upon a time there were plans to make Chyna the first ever female WWE champion, which would of been a massive step forwards for not just the company but female wrestlers.

Chyna was a too dominant for the women’s division but,was the right fit for the men taking on the likes of Jeff Jarrett, Triple H, etc.

WWE did not like the sound of that as they felt she lacked the skills to be taken seriously as a champion so instead lost her number 1 contenders opportunity.