Athletes are paid more than ever to be the best they can be at their chosen sport, and with a good paycheque comes even greater spending.

If you’re going to invest a huge chunk of your money into anything, it would be your home, right?

When they’re not on the court, field or ring, the highest paid athletes of today are relaxing in their houses that have more rooms than they could ever use, hot tubs, panic rooms, in-house movie theatres, shark tanks and even elevators.

Here are 20 of the most outrageous houses that belong to todays sporting legends.

Tom Brady – Brookline, Massachusetts


The Patriots QB and husband to supermodel Gisele¬†B√ľndchen didn’t scrape the barrel when they chose their custom 5.2-acre chateau.

The 14,000 square-foot Chestnut Hill mansion boasts a yoga studio (but we imagine this is more for the wife), a wine cellar, multiple fireplaces, a pool, and several garages, patios and balconies. The five-bedroom house is kept private by surrounding trees and a fairway for easy access to the Brookline Country Club (aka TCC).