Being a player in the NFL is no easy feat – you’re constantly putting your career and body on the line.

But with big risk comes big reward, so it’s no surprise that footballers like to spend their millions to live luxurious lifestyles with sports cars, yachts, unique toys and most importantly, dream mansions.

If you’d like to have a glimpse at the high-life, then click through to see where 14 NFL players like to spend their time relaxing (and partying, of course).



Michael Strahan: $17 million

Homes-of-NFL-Players-Michael-Strahan & Desiree Navarro/Wire Image

Most celebrities downsize their homes and spending after their time on the field is over, but not Strahan. The former defensive end, who is know a daytime TV show host and pre-game analyst, dropped $17 million on this 15,600 square-foot mansion in California.

Clearly he’s still making good money, as his home features nine bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, beautiful 20-foot ceilings, a home theatre with a 15-foot screen and leather seating for 20 of his guests. He can even take an elevator down to his fitness room, and later relax in a 59-foot swimming pool that is kitted out with a wet bar and custom BBQ.