However, the Svillcics from Cairns, Australia, decided to take a chance on a Doberman.

The family had been wanting to help a dog in need and knew there were a high volume of unwanted pets that needed rehoming in Australia so they decided to adopt, not shop, for their furry friend.

Mother Catherine chose a large Doberman Pinscher named Kahn. He had suffered a lifetime of abuse but the family wanted to change his life. They were not worried about introducing him to their 17-month old daughter, Charlotte.

With dogs and babies there is always a risk – even if the dog isn’t from a rescue shelter.

If a dog is uncomfortable with its surroundings it can threaten everyone’s safety, including the owner who loves them most.

Khan was no different. He had come from a home where he had been beaten and starved, but the Svilicic’s knew they had to take a chance on him.