Obviously Catherine was horrified, but suddenly she realised the reason behind Khan’s actions.¬†Catherine picked up her daughter and was shocked to hear Khan scream in pain. What had happened?

It was then that Catherine noticed the slithering brown snake in the grass. Khan had merely been trying to protect Charlotte from the snake. In a way he was repaying the family for his rescue.

The pup wasn’t trying to hurt Charlotte, he was saving her life from a snake that had crawled from underneath the house.

But it wasn’t just any snake, it was a venomous King Brown which is known for being one of the most deadly in Australia.

Australia is home to some of the most deadly animals on the planet. Snakes like the King Brown have the power to kill a human in just minutes.

If the snake had made contact with Charlotte there is no doubting that it would have killed her.

The snake had instead bitten Khan, but he still continued to protect his new family.

The venom would be coursing through his veins and Catherine knew he needed help fast.