It’s no surprise that social media is the root cause of many people’s anxiety thanks to its portrayal of a seemingly ‘perfect’ life.

As well as creating these self-esteem issues, it can sadly also be a platform for cyber bullies – ‘keyboard warriors’ who enjoy making people feel miserable about themselves.

When Madison Haulter was planning for her senior prom, she had no idea that her and boyfriend Tre would become internet famous.

Madison was a senior at Pike High School, Indiana. She recently posted a photograph to her Twitter account which unfortunately led to a horrible comment from a complete stranger.

But her boyfriend stuck up for her in the best way possible.

image source: Twitter

image source: Buzztube

Madison has a boyfriend, Tre Booker, and luckily he was there to support and stand up for his girlfriend. The story of how he did has now travelled all over the internet, and has caused an amazing amount of emotion from people all over the world.