2. Fight For Legal Rights

In the early ’80s, Shield’s mother and a photographer had a huge legal dispute, where they were unable to settle the rights to some of the photos her mother had signed away. This was a massive issue, as Brooke was still a minor and the photos were due to be published in a book called¬†Sugar and Spice.¬†

Due to the legal complications involved, the publication was postponed. The courts eventually ruled in favour of the photographer, as a loop hole suggests that if Brooke was considered a child performer rather than a model, her mother would have won the battle.

3. Life Changed Forever

Before Brooke’s first birthday her parents had divorced and she had been cast in her first commercial. The advert was for Ivory soap and she was such a natural on camera, they named her “The Most Beautiful Baby in America”. This paved her a long and successful career in Hollywood.