The world works in mysterious ways – something that a man called Kyle Puelston know’s all too well.

Every year Kyle and his family take the same vacation to the same spot. The family spend time some much needed quality time together.

However little did Kyle know that this years trip would change his life forever.

Kyle had been coming to this spot in the summer with his parents, his sister, his wife and kids for years and the mini-vacations held a special place in his heart.

So when Kyle’s wife bought him a GoPro camera for his birthday, it was the perfect way to document his favourite trips.

Kyle’s first video was a recording of his sister and his wife jumping off the edge of a cliff into the water below – just like they did every time they went on vacation.

The family were enjoying themselves, having a day filled with laughter. Each of them took turns jumping into the water, the GoPro catching every moment.

Minnesota’s Temperance river is one of the most beautiful spots in Minnesota to hang out. But that day, everything changed.