Kyle explained that he then had to tell his wife that he had in fact the gift she had given him.

“I said, ‘Honey, I’ve lost the GoPro.’ [To which she replied,] ‘WHAT!’”

The GoPro was gone forever, well so they thought – but sometimes fate works in mysterious ways. It just so happens that he GoPro being lost wasn’t the end of this story.

The camera had kept filming and filming whilst say at the bottom of the river. That was until exactly one year later.

“As soon as I hit the water, I knew that it came off,” Kyle recalls, a little soberly. “As long as I could be down there, holding my breath, I tried to find it, and, I just couldn’t.”

Kyle accepted that his camera was lost forever.

Almost a year later, it was summer again and people were visiting the river, taking a dip in it’s waters to cool down. Two brothers had decided to take a trip to the Temperance river.