It’s no secret that celebrities are typically masters of their craft, and because of that, they earn a lot more than most of us. So you’d think it would be impossible for them to be poor, right?

Whilst a life of fame might appear ideal on the surface, many celebrities actually wind up spending their money ruthlessly or investing it badly and ending up with more debts than their account can handle.

In the list below, we take a look at some of the wealthiest celebrities in the world, from Sir Roger Moore to Lewis Hamilton and Carrie Fisher to Maria Sharapova.  Their net worths will definitely surprise you, as some celebs and athletes earn a lot more then you could ever imagine, whilst others might be using pocket change to pay for their next meal.

Michael Phelps

This 31-year-old Olympic swimmer was born in Towson, Maryland and has won 28 medals throughout his career. His highly decorated career has equated in him having a $55 million net worth.

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Queen B is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, and she averages about $100 million from every solo tour that the finishes. Currently, she is worth $450 million.

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