Broken Family Life

Pictorial Parade

In his first marriage Carson had three children. His son Rick Carson battled with mental illness all of his life, however back then mental health issues were not spoken of in public. When Rick was admitted to a mental hospital, his father refused to visit his son.

After his release, Rick was seen driving his vehicle near the scenic coast town of Morro Bay, California, when it plummeted 125 feet down an embankment. He was instantly killed. Johnny payed tribute to his son on his show.

Not A Yacht Of Patience

On his honeymoon with Maas, Carson’s attorney, Henry Bushkin shared a story about how one of their outings was spoiled by Johnny’s persistent anger due to their yacht captain being 6 minutes late. Rather than simply getting on the boat and enjoying their trip, Carson reportedly fumed on the dock for 3 hours, telling the captain, “I didn’t pay $150,000 to have you late in picking us up.” His verbal abuse of the captain continued for the duration of the trip.