Family Feud


Johnny was known for his problems with alcohol and his bad attitude after hitting the bottle. In October 1987, NBC threw him a 25th-anniversary party on the Queen Mary. Johnny’s son Rick was in attendance, and he also had a drinking problem.

The pair ended up getting into a raging argument. The boat was filled with media, network executives and the entire Carson family. Witnesses say Johnny was the aggressor, he lost his temper and began shouting. It was also said that he went to swing a punch, but someone stepped in and stopped the fight from escalating further.

Drinking Problems

Fans Share

Johnny Carson was an alcoholic through and through and this is when his darker side was shown. In 1982 Carson was caught driving his car whilst under the influence. He pleaded no content to misdemeanour charge. Carson received a three year probation and was forced to attend a alcohol program for drivers. From then he was only allowed to use his car to drive to work and back and he was unable to transport any person or animal in his car.