An Affair To Remember


In 2013, Johnny Carson’s former lawyer, Henry Bushkin, decided to write a tell-all book about Carson. In the book Bushkin confirmed the affair between Joanne Copeland and Frank Gifford.

He said rather than asking for a divorce, Johnny told him to go to the apartment the pair were hooking up in and get evidence. Henry also said that Johnny started sobbing at the thought of his wife cheating on him.

No Evidence


Henry Bushkin went to the apartment and found various scandalous items that suggested an affair was going on, including lingerie. This sent Johnny on a complete drinking binge with Ed McMahon.

Frank Gifford went on to marry Kathie Lee Gifford. Kathie joked about her husband’s affair rumours on the Today show. She was asked whether it was true and she said that her husband just said “he couldn’t remember”. Frank and Kathie married 15 years after the alleged affair. Frank passed away in 2015.