The Hillbillies Mansion


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The Clampett mansion we see in the series is a genuine home. The 1930s mansion was built for $2 million and owned by Arnold Kirkby. He rented out his amazing home to The Beverly Hillbillies for $500 per day.

The Owner Was Unfortunately Killed In A Plane Crash

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Just a few months before the show aired, Arnold Kirkby tragically lost his life. His wife continued to live in the mansion but wasn’t impressed by fans gathering outside trying to catch a glimpse of the cast.

Sharon Tate


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The late American model and TV star Sharon Tate actually appeared in 15 episodes as Janet Trego, a secretary at the bank. The pin-up girl had to work on her acting skills though, with director Joe Depew saying, ‘when we first got her, she couldn’t even walk through the door convincingly.’