Heidi Klum has been a Halloween Hero since 2000 and every year she hosts her very own party in Las Vegas.

Since the millennium, the German model and TV personality has made October 31st all about her, pulling some of the best costumes ever out of the bag – some years, making herself completely unrecognizable.

From Jessica Rabbit to Forbidden Fruit; here are her best outfits so far:

Leather Heidi in 2000

The first year Heidi first held her legendary party she went all out in an all leather outfit with adorable braids. But this outfit was nothing on the iconic ones that were to come.


Lady Godiva in 2001

This outfit was the first glimpse of what was to come in the future of the models costumes. She actually entered the party on horseback while wearing a full-length blonde wig and revealing white bodysuit.

Betty Boop in 2002

Scary Betty Boop was Heidi’s third-year costume choice, making her a little more freaky with fangs – simple, yet effective.


Golden Alien in 2003

Heidi didn’t go as anything in particular in 2003, but still went all in with the head-to toe-gold and impressive braids.