2. The Tin Man Was Allergic To His Make Up

Let’s face it, the Tin Man had one of the best costumes of the whole film but it turns out it wasn’t much fun for the original actor Buddy Ebsen who was playing the role. Ebsen was allergic to the metallic paint makeup which forced him to give up the part after just nine days of filming. He ended up in the hospital with breathing difficulties. Jack Haley stepped in to replace him.

3. There Was A Near-Death Incident On Set

Actress Margaret Hamilton took on the part of the Wicked Witch, but she actually had a near-fatal experience whilst filming. She suffered severe burns on her face and hands whilst filming a scene in Munchkinland where they show her exiting in a fiery manner through a cloud of smoke. The scene went horribly wrong with Margaret receiving second and third-degree burns when her make up caught fire.