Locker room cancers are the worst kind of moral destroying parasites in pro sports. These are normally started by one team member who has the ear of all the rest of the team and uses this to follow his own personal vendetta. Most professional teams are quick to spot these infectious tales and cut them out of the locker room, but others are left to fester and inevitably, ruin a successful team’s season. Here are the worst 15 locker room ‘cancers’ ever to infest the NHL.

Evander Kane

Within one month of being at Winnipeg, Kane was public about wanting to trade to any other team. He also had a feud with head coach Claude Noel which resulted in him being benched and scratched more than once. He also posted ridiculous pictures of himself on social media, surrounded by money and made homophobic comments, not to mention being sued for assault! Perhaps he will do better now he is at Buffalo for next season.

Eric Lindros

Lindros had such a reputation for being a whiny baby that the teams own fans took to wearing pacifiers which they would suck every time he started his antics! There were also plenty of rumors about him sleeping with other teammates wives whilst he was at Philadelphia, which drove a wedge in the locker room.