Keith Tkachuk

One of the best goal scorers in the league for two seasons, Tkachuk eventually and somewhat inevitably became a locker room Diva and started to get a reputation for giving up when things weren’t going his way. When he was finally traded to the Phoenix Coyotes he was also blamed for the out going of fan favorite Kris King and his reputation for a swelled ego and actually never being as good as he thought he was almost split the locker room completely.

Alexei Yashin

Even though Yashin had a huge effect on the offensive line of the New York Islanders, once he managed to earn the big bucks he seemed to sit back and stop trying. The locker room cancer spread with him alienating his team mates and putting in less and less effort and even though he could have been bought back to the Islanders after a buy out, fans just didn’t want him back on the ice for them again.